If you are running a business, protecting yourself against legal costs is increasingly important as lawsuits become more common. Mistakes can sometimes be made at even the best run businesses, and liability insurance can help ensure that an error on your part or on the part of one of your employees.


Public Liability Insurance provides cover for any legal liability incurred to third parties if they are injured or their property is damaged. The liability can be incurred through negligence on the part of you as the business owner, or your employees.


Product Liability Insurance is designed to assist you when your products cause a third party to sustain personal injury or property damage. Product Liability Insurance if intended to cover any compensation payable to a third party and your defence costs.


Professional Indemnity policy provides comprehensive protection for your assets against claims for financial loss, injury or damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of the professional services.

This policy is designed for anyone who gives advice and/or services of a skilful level, according to an established discipline, to another person or business.


Private companies and their directors continue to face greater corporate governance and increasing regulatory surveillance of the management of their business activities. Traditionally directors’ & officers’ policies have been written only to protect the personal interests and assets of individual directors and officers. A Management Liability Insurance Policy has been designed for private companies and their directors and officers.

A Management Liability Insurance Policy is intended to provide protection not only for the assets of the individual directors and officers but cover is also extended to the company for defined exposures. This is done by firstly broadening Professional Risks traditional D&O coverage and then incorporating it with a number of other insurance covers under the one policy.